Animal Rights 

NYC Animal Rights March 2017, showing CAS banner

NYC Animal Rights March 2017, showing CAS banner

Ellen is passionate about animal rights (AR). Her entire family is vegan since 2008 and, together, they run the vegan business REBLUSA.COM. (REBL is Rebecca, Ellen, Bobby and Leah btw.)
Ellen is involved in many vegan causes, including farm animal sanctuaries, veg fests, and vegan events.
(Because food choices matter, she also runs an organic CSA and is very involved in her Farmers Market.)
Below are some links to the AR places she has volunteered and/or worked, always out of love.

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Interpretive and directional signage, donor wall, brochure

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

This is the place that changed everything. In 2009, Bobby and Ellen, as ethical vegetarians, saw a postcard to visit this sanctuary. Upon a tour with Jenny Brown, co-founder, seeing the happy chickens Ellen cried and said no more. A long term relationship was formed.

Tamerlaine tri-fold

Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

So happy for another local sanctuary to expand in size and scope. Gabby and Peter called when they needed a new moving brochure in a rush, and I was thrilled to help. Their farm can now be all that they hoped for. And their hot sauce is awesome!

NY Farm Animal Save 16-pg pamphlet

NY Farm Animal Save 16-pg pamphlet


NYFAS is part of the Save Movement. They bear witness at slaughterhouses, animal testing facilities, bear and deer hunts, etc. They help people on how they can become vegan.

Postcards and social media graphics, and banner seen above

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Our friend Ray works at CAS. He is a driven animal rights speaker. He asked Ellen to do a few event postcards and flyers and social media graphics. She also worked with CAS to design the 8-foot banner first used at the first Animal Rights March in NYC. (A great event btw!) 

FCFS interpretive outdoor signage

Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

Full Circle saw the interpretive signs we did at Woodstock and decided to do their own version. They are currently being produced, with 14 signs representing all of their rescues. Advocacy and information is key in changing hearts and minds. 

Jewish Veg Kaporos Tri-fold

Jewish Veg Kaporos Tri-fold


Jewish Veg encourages and helps Jews to embrace plant-based diets as an expression of the Jewish values of compassion for animals, concern for health, and care for the environment.

Event program, ads for magazines and newspapers

Hudson Valley VEGFEST

Rebecca and Sande put their heart, soul and time into starting the first Hudson Valley (NY) Veg Fest. Ellen helped with whatever they needed. The show was a success, with great vendors, speakers and attendees, many who were exposed to veganism for the first time. Brava, ladies!

Our Be Kind shirt on Alexandra

Our Be Kind shirt on Alexandra


Our vegan family, Rebecca, Ellen, Bobby and Leah (REBL) launched a vegan and eco clothing and accessory line in 2018. Check out the variety of products offered... from shirts and hats to bags and stickers. The line will grow!  Find us at

Other places/groups include: Jewish Veg (shirts and trifolds,) NY Farm Animal Save (16-page booklet) and an AR art show Through Compassionate Eyes.